Beaches are one of the types of Water Art you can do on your farm. Beaches can be also used to turn your farm into an island. Incorporating other types of Farm Art will really make your farm unique!

How To Make Beaches Edit

To make Beaches, you will need Dirst Path Crossings, Dirt Paths, and RIvers. You can also use River Corners to customize it.

  1. First, place many Dirt Paths on end in several rows. This will simulate the sand.
  2. Next, place the Rivers overlapping the edge of the Dirt Paths.
  3. Place four Dirt Path Crossings along the edge of the River as shown above.
  4. Place the second River ontop of the first one.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for as many layers as you wish.
  6. Use the River Corners to customize it.
  7. Lastly, place down some Hammocks and Palm Trees to give it that extra touch.

Tips Edit

Check out the Waterfalls and Homemade Lakes thread at the Farm Town Forum for some inspiration.

Videos Edit

Slideshow Edit

Here is a slideshow of different farms with Beaches. Please add your farm photos!! (Put the files in the Category:Farm Art.)