Chicken Coop
Licencing (c)
Level Required 16
Cost 40,000 Coins
XP Gained 402
Sell For 1,200 Coins
Category Facilities
Function Harvest Hens and Geese
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The Chicken Coop is available for purchase from the Store under the Facilities tab. On February 19, 2010, it was turned into a Facility after first being introduced as a Building. It collects eggs from Hens and Geese on your farm. Hen Eggs are needed to make products at the Bakery.

Store Animals Edit

On June 18, 2010, Hens, Geese, Turkeys, Chickens, and Roosters were made able to be stored in the Chicken Coop. Up to 180 of each animal type can be added. All animals inside the Chicken Coop will be lost if added to your Storage while they are inside. You must first take the animals out before putting into Storage.


"Chicken Coop"

Harvestable Animals Edit

Currently, Hens and Geese are the only animals harvestable by the Chicken Coop. When "Harvest Hens and Geese" is selected, all the havestable animals in the Chicken Coop and in the farm will be harvested at once. You can collect eggs from each animal every once a day.

Animal Product Time Coins/Batch Experience Gained Facility Product Used At
Hen Hen Hen Eggs Hen Eggs 20 hrs25 +0Bakery
Goose Goose Goose Eggs Goose Eggs 20 hrs30 +0Bed and Breakfast
Peacock Peacock Feathers +402 Hat Shop
Turkey Turkey Feathers Bed and Breakfast

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