Facilities are the "Central Focus" of the game and allow you to create new items using your harvests from Seed Crops, Trees, Ponds and Animals. Here is a list of all Facilities currently available for purchase from the Store under the Facilities tab.

Production FacilitiesEdit

Facilities that are purchased with FarmCash can be purchased at any Level. A list of all of the Products and Ingredients needed is listed on each Facility page.

Facility Level Cost XP Gain Use
Red Windmill11Farm Coin 40,000402Produce Flour from Wheat
Stone WindmillNAFarm Cash 32960Produce Flour 4 times faster
Dairy Shed14Farm Coin 80,000800Collect Milk from Cows & Goats
Chicken Coop16Farm Coin 40,000402Collect Eggs from Hens & Geese,Turkey,feathers
Juice FactoryNAFarm Cash28840Produce Juice from Fruits (Trees)
Dairy Processing Plant17Farm Coin 150,0001000Produce Dairy Products from Milk
Pizza Restaurant20Farm Coin 200,0001000Create Pizzas with various toppings
Chocolate FactoryNAFarm Cash30900Produce Chocolate Liquor from Cocoa
Wool Shed22Farm Coin250,0001000Collect Wool from Sheep & Llamas
Sugar Refinery24Farm Coin 300,0001000Produce Sugar from Sugarcane
Food Preserve FactoryNAFarm Cash 301000Produces Canned Products
Watermill26Farm Coin 100,0001000Produces Corn Flour
Ice Cream Factory27Farm Coin 250,0001000Produces Ice Cream
Oil FactoryNAFarm Cash 12362Produces Olive Oil
PigstyNAFarm Coin 50,000502Produces manure
Bakery31Farm Coin 300,0001000Create various pies/cakes
Sandwich Restaurant33Farm Coin 500,0001000Produces Sandwiches
Confectionery FactoryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Confections
Textile Mill35Farm Coin 500,0001000Produces Textile Rolls from Wool, Silk, and Cotton
Sewing MillNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Clothes from Textile Rolls
Snack Factory38Farm Coin 550,0001000Produces Snacks
Flower ShopNAFarm Cash 25751Produces Flower Bouquets
Taco Restaurant40Farm Coin 600,0001000Produces Tacos
Oil RefineryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Fuel Tanks
Winery42Farm Coin 650,0001000Produces Non-aged Wine from Grapes
Wine CellarNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Aged-Wine from Grapes
Sawmill44Farm Coin 300,000 1000Produces Lumber
Seafood RestaurantNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Seafood
Coffee Grinder 46Farm Coin 300,0001000Produces Ground Coffee
Fish Farming PlantNAFarm Cash 28840Produces Shrimp and Molluscs
Tea Factory48Farm Coin 500,000 -Produces Black and Green Tea
Coffee and Tea ShopNAFarm Cash 33990Produces Coffee and Tea Drinks
Sushi Restaurant 50Farm Coin 700,0001000Produces Sushi
Cinnamon FactoryNAFarm Cash 27810Produces Cinnamon Bundles
Oast and Malt House52Farm Coin 550,000 -Produces Brewery Ingredients
Bee FarmNAFarm Cash 28840Produces Honey
Pasta Factory54Farm Coin 600,0001000Produces uncooked Pasta
Furniture FactoryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Furniture
Mineral Mine56Farm Coin 700,0001000Produces Minerals
BreweryNAFarm Cash 33990Produces Beer
Natural Remedy Shop58Farm Coin 750,000 1000Produces Natural Remedies
Pasta RestaurantNAFarm Cash 3296Produces Salads and Pastas
Cereal Factory61Farm Coin 800,000 1000Produces Cereals
Jewelry FactoryNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Jewels
Paper Mill63Farm Coin 850,0001000Produces Paper
Spice FactoryNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Spices
Ink and Pigments Factory63Farm Coin 900,0001000Produces Ink and Pigments
Printing - Packaging FactoryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Printed and Packaged items
Open-Pit Mine65Farm Coin 950,0001000Produces Minerals (near surface)
Ceramic FactoryNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Ceramic Objects
Breakfast Restaurant79Farm Coin 1,000,0001000Produces Breakfast Food
Dinner RestaurantNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Dinner Food
Petrochemical Plant67Farm Coin 1,100,0001000Produces Ethanol and Plasticizer
Perfume FactoryNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Perfumes
Essential Oils Plant69Farm Coin 1,200,0001000Produces Essential Oils
Chinese RestaurantNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Chinese Food
Hamburger Restaurant81Farm Coin 1,300,0001000Produces Burgers
Cosmetics FactoryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Cosmetics
Frozen Foods Factory83Farm Coin1,400,0001000Produces Frozen Food
Air Fresheners FactoryNAFarm Cash 30900Produces Air Fresheners
Metal Mill71Farm Coin1,500,0001000Produces Metal Sheets
Cookware FactoryN/AFarm Cash30900Produces Cookware
Rubber Factory73Farm Coin800,0001000Produces Rubber Sheets
Toy FactoryNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Toys
Distillery75Farm Coin1,600,0001000Produces Spirits and Liqueurs
Knitting and Knotting MillNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Clothes and Accessories
Smokehouse86Farm Coin1,700,0001000Produces Cured and Smoked Food
Fish and ChipsNAFarm Cash 32960Produces Fish and Chip Dishes
Drying Facility88Farm Coin1,800,0001000Produces Dried Fruits and Veggies
Soup RestaurantFarm Cash 32960Produces Soups
Soft Drink Factory90Farm Coin1,900,0001000Produces Soft Drinks
Ice Cream ShopFarm Cash 32960Produces Ice Cream Treats and Smoothies
Sports Accessories Factory95Farm Coin2,200,0001000Produces Sports Accessories
Office-School Supply FactoryFarm Cash 32960Produces Office and School Supplies
Pool BarFarm Cash 32960Produces Cocktails
Glass Factory97Farm Coin2,400,0001000Produces Glass and Glassware
Rabbit HutchFarm Coin20,000203Collect Rabbit Fleece from White Rabbit
Home Supply Factory98Farm Coin2,500,0001000Produces Home Supplies
Baby Foods FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Baby Foods
Pet Foods Factory101Farm Coin2,700,0001000Produces Pet Foods
Shoe FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Shoes
Musical Instruments FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Musical Instruments
Farming Tools Factory109Farm Coin3,000,0001000Produces Farming Tools
Gardening Tools FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Gardening Tools
Fishing Accessories Factory113Farm Coin3,200,0001000Produces Fishing Accessories
Animal Accessories FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Animal Accessories
Gourmet Restaurant117Farm Coin3,400,0001000Produces Gourmet Food
Medical Supplies FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Medical Supplies
Vegetarian Restaurant121Farm Coin3,600,0001000Produces Vegetarian Food
BBQ RestaurantFarm Cash32960Produces BBQ Food
Fitness Equipment Factory125Farm Coin3,800,0001000Produces Fitness Equipment
Baby Supplies FactoryFarm Cash32960

Produces Baby Supplies

Art Studio129Farm Coin4,000,0001000Produces Art Pieces
Casino Supplies FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Casino Supplies
Circus Supplies Factory133Farm Coin2,000,0001000Produces Circus Supplies
Car Parts FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Car Parts
Explorer Accessories Factory137Farm Coin2,200,0001000Provides Accessories for Explorer Enthusiasts
Hibachi Japanese RestaurantFarm Cash32960Produces Hibachi Food
Trophy Factory141Farm Coin2,500,0001000Produces Trophies
Latin American RestaurantFarm Cash32960Produces Latin American Food
Janitorial Supplies Factory145Farm Coin2,600,0001000Produces Janitorial Supplies
Donuts ShopFarm Cash32960Produces Donuts
Police-Fireman Supplies149Farm Coin2,800,0001000Produces Police and Fireman Supplies
Nutritional Supplies FactoryFarm Cash32960Produces Nutritional Supplies

Service FacilitiesEdit

Service Facilities do not produce new items. They take items already produced and sell them for Farm Coins.

Facility Level Cost XP Gain Use
Super MarketFarm Coin2,000,0001000Provides Retail Services
Beauty SalonFarm Cash 30900Provides Beauty Services
Movie TheaterFarm Coin2,100,0001000Provides Movie Services
Banquet HallFarm Cash 32960Provides Events Services
Sports ArenaFarm Coin2,300,0001000Provides Sports Services
Dance ClubFarm Cash 28840

Provides Dancing Services

Home Depot StoreFarm Coin2,600,0001000Provides Home Improvement Services
Bridal ShopFarm Cash30900Provides Bridal Services
Pet ShopFarm Coin2,800,0001000Provides Retail Services for the needs of Pets
Fair Food StandFarm Cash30900Provides Fair Food Services
Snack MachineFarm Coin2,000,0001000Provides Snack Services
Modern SchoolFarm Cash30900Provides Educational Services
Bed and BreakfastFarm Coin3,100,0001000Provides Lodging Services
Music ConservatoryFarm Cash30900Provides Music Learning Services
FarmartFarm Coin3,300,0001000Provides Retail Services for Farmers
TowmartFarm Cash30900Provides Retail Services
Luxury HotelFarm Coin3,500,0001000Provides Luxury Lodging Services
HospitalFarm Cash30900Provides Healthcare Services
Fishing Tackle ShopFarm Coin3,700,0001000Provides Fishing Tackle Services
Mini MallFarm Cash30900Provides Retail Services
GymFarm Coin3,900,0001000Provides Fitness Services
Art GalleryFarm Coin4,100,0001000Provides Art Retail Services
CasinoFarm Cash30900Provides Gambling Services
CircusFarm Coin2,100,0001000Provides Circus Shows
Car Repair ShopFarm Cash30900Provides Car Repair Services
Explorer ShopFarm Coin2,300,0001000Provides Explorer Enthusiasts Retail Services
PubFarm Cash30900Provides Food, Drink, and Gaming Services
China BuffetFarm Coin2,400,0001000Provides Chinese Buffet Services
Gas StationFarm Cash30900Provides Fuel and Snack Services
FarmTown Janitorial ServicesFarm Coin2,700,0001000Provides Janitorial Services
Office DepotFarm Cash30900Provides Office Retail Services
Police StationFarm Coin700,0001000Provides Law Enforcement Services
Nutritional Supplement StoreFarm Cash30900Provides Nutritional Retail Services
  • Farm Coin is Farm Coin which you earn by growing and selling crops or manufacturing items for sale in your Facilities.
  • Farm Cash is FarmCash which you either earn by completing sponsor offers, purchasing from Farm Town with real money or colleting 1 FarmCash with each Level you gain.