Crops, Flowers, and Trees have a set amount of time they must grow after first being planted before they will be ready for Harvest. The Facilities that harvest Animals and Ponds that have fish, also have to be allowed a certain amount of time for them to grow. Once a Flower, Tree, or Animal is harvested, the growth is reset to 0%.

Stages of Growth Edit

There are five different stages of growth: 0-24%, 25-49%, 50-74%, 75-99%, and 100% grown. The depicition of the Crops and Flowers changes with each stage of growth.


Flower Growth

The different stages of Flower growth are shown above. Purple Crocuses are on the bottom and Zinnias on top. The leftmost is 0-24% growth and the rightmost is 100%, with the different stages between in ascending order.

Percentages in Time Edit

Based on the percentage of growth, you can calculate how much time remains until the Crop, Flower, or Tree is fully grown. A day in Farm Town is 20 hours long, so a 2 day crop takes 40 hours to grow before you can Harvest it. It should also be noted that Crops go bad in approximately twice the amount of time it takes for them to grow. For instance, a 2 day crop will waste away about 80 hours after you first planted it. Trees and Flowers never go to waste.

Total Growth Time 75% 50% 25% 10% 5% Time needed for 1% of growth
2 Hour 30 min 1 hrs 1.5 hrs 1.8 hrs 1.9 hrs 1.2 min
4 Hour 1 hrs 2 hrs 3 hrs 3.6 hrs 3.8 hrs 2.4 min
8 Hour 2 hrs 4 hrs 6 hrs 7.2 hrs 7.6 hrs 4.8 min
12 Hour 3 hrs 6 hrs 9 hrs 10.8 hrs 11.4 hrs 7.2 min
1 Day 5 hrs 10 hrs 15 hrs 18 hrs 19 hrs 12 min
2 Day 10 hrs 20 hrs 30 hrs 36 hrs 38 hrs 24 min
3 Day 15 hrs 30 hrs 45 hrs 54 hrs 57 hrs 36 min
4 Day 20 hrs 40 hrs 60 hrs 72 hrs 76 hrs 48 min
5 Day 25 hrs 50 hrs 75 hrs 90 hrs 95 hrs 1 hrs
  • Time listed is the amount of time until 100% grown.
  • Percentages are the amount of growth completed.
  • The last column is how much time it takes per 1% of growth.

Crop Color and Height Edit

An out-of-date color and height chart for many of the Flowers and Crops can be found at This can be useful information when planning your Farm Art.


Full Grown Crops

Farm Town Spreadsheets Edit

Farmer Jay made a nice chart with almost everything you would want to know about crops, and it can be found at The Farm Town Forum as part of the Official Farm Town Data Sheet, which is now being updated by Dave Official Farm Town Data Sheet (Updated). Despite "official" being in the title, none of these are made by people associated with Farm Town or SlashKey, but rather fellow players.