Visiting Neighbour's Farm Edit

  • "My Neighbours" tab
  • Click on farm bordering yours
  • Click on them in the Neighbour bar

Helping on Neighbour's Farm Edit

  • When visit a Neighbour's farm, you will be prompted to help
    • Rake leaves
    • Remove weeds
    • Water with hose
  • Neighbours can water Flowers
    • They receive 1 Coin for each Flower they water
    • You can water flowers from any farmer, when you have hired, with the Red Mobile Sprinkler

Hire Neighbour to Plow Edit

  • If hire a Neighbour to plow, it costs 50% less than doing it yourself

Requirements Edit

  • Storage capacity is dependent on number of Neighbours
    • 5x for each Neighbour
  • Amount of fuel units you get at Fuel Station dependent on number of Neighbours
    • Active - 10 units per Neighbour
    • Inactive - 10 units per Neighbour
  • Purchasing Upgrades for Farm 3 using Coins is dependent on having at least 30 Neighbours
  • Need 10 Neighbours to hire others to Plow
  • Need 8 Neighbours to trade or Sell items

Trophies Edit

  • Earn trophies based on the number of Neighbours you have
    • Popular Neighbour - 5 Neighbours
    • Influential Neighbour - 8 Neighbours
    • Acclaimed Neighbour Trophy - 10 Neighbours
    • Socialite Neighbour - 15 Neighbours
    • Celebrity Neighbour - 20 Neighbours

Neighbour vs. Buddy Edit

  • You must be Facebook friends inorder to be Neighbours
  • Non-Facebook friends can be added as Buddies
  • Buddies cannot water Flowers
  • You can water flowers from buddies if you have the Red Mobile Sprinkler