Oil Pump
Level Required 21
Cost 100,000 Coins
XP Gained 3,000
Sell For 1,200 Coins
Category Tools
Function Produces Crude Oil
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The Oil Pump is available for purchase from the Store under the Tools tab on the taskbar on the bottom of you're screen. It produces Crude Oil Barrels for a fee. Crude Oil is needed to make Fuel Tanks at the Oil Refinery. See Ingredients and Products for complete lists of everything used and produced by all the Facilities and Tools.

Production Edit

The Oil Pump currently only produces Crude Oil. After each batch is done, you can click on the "Store" button under the "What's Pending" tab to add it to your Storage. If you have multiple farms you can place one at each farm and have 7 pumps producing crude oil to use in the refinery, which will let you stack a lot more production increasing the number of tanks your friends get for helping you and how many you get out.


Cost to Produce


Units/Batch Time Coins/Unit Coins/Batch Experience Gained
Crude Oil Barrel 1,000 1 6 hrs 2,000 2,000 +0