Before a farmer can plant Seeds, the field must first be plowed. Both Grass and "Harvested Fields" can be plowed. To use the Plow, click on the Plow icon in the Toolbar.



Plow Options Edit

  • Fields can be placed with spaces between them or without spaces
    • Check/Uncheck "Remove Spaces Between Fields" under "Preferences"
  • Plowing can be done using Tools which speed up the process significantly
    • Plowing Tractor - Plows 4 fields at once
    • Have at least 8 Neighbours - Plow 9 fields at once (3 x 3)
    • Plow 2 fields at once (2 x 1)

Cost Edit

  • Self-plow - 20 Coins per field
  • Hire Hand Plow -
    • Hire Neighbour - costs 50% less (10 Coins per field)
    • Hire non-Neighbour - costs 25% less (15 Coins per field)

Hired Hands Edit

Others can be hired to plow "Harvested Fields" from the Marketplace. You must have at least 10 Neighbours before being able to hire hands to plow. The hired hand gets 5 Coins and +1XP per a field plowed. The Farmer makes +1XP per a field plowed.

Common Problems Edit

  • Green grass appears when plow - Check "Remove Spaces Between Fields" box under "Preferences"
  • Plowing Tractor plows one field instead of 4 - Check "Remove Spaces Between Fields" box under "Preferences"
  • Plow tool doesn't appear when hired by others - Click on the plots you wish to plow and it should work even though the tool is not showing