Farmers make money and gain experience by planting seeds and selling their harvest. They can also store the harvests and use them at the Facilities to make Products. Seeds can only be planted on plowed fields and the farmer gains +2XP per a plot seeded. Once a crop reaches 100% growth, it can be harvested. Tools can be used to plant seeds faster. In Farm Town, the growing day is 20 hours long. Crops go bad approximately in twice the amount of time they take to grow. For example, an 1 day crop goes bad in approximately 40 hours after it is initially planted. All of the details pertaining to each seed crop (how long it takes to grow and how much money is to be made) are listed in the Seed Table.

Seed TableEdit

Check out the Harvest page for details on the different options available to harvest your crops and Plow your fields. Harvested crops are added to Storage are sold at the Marketplace or used at Facilities (see Ingredient List).

Definitions of Table Column Headings:

  • "Seed" - Name of the Seed sold at the Store
  • "Level" - The Level a farmer needs to buy the Seed
  • "Cost" - The amount of Coins to purchase the Seed from the Store for each plot
  • "Days" - The amount of time it takes for the seeds to reach 100% growth (based on 20 hour day)
  • "Sell For" - The amount of Coins earned for selling Harvest from each plot
  • "Profit" - The amount earned minus the cost of the Seed for each plot
  • "Profit/Day" - The profit divided by the number of days to reach 100% growth
    • Crops that take less than 1 Day to grow are denoted by "*" and the value represents the profit per one planting
  • "(P-Plow)/Day" - The profit minus cost of plowing divided by the number of days to reach 100% growth (based on self-plowing, which costs 20 Coins per a plot)
    • If you hire someone else to plow who is not a Neighbour, it would cost 25% less (15 Coins per a plot)
    • If you hire a Neighbour to plow, it would cost 50% less (10 Coins per a plot)
  • "Self-Harvest - Sell" - Self-Harvest and sell directly from your Farm
    • The farmer makes 10% less than the "Sell" price listed in the Store
  • "Self-Harvest - Store" - Self-Harvest and add to your Storage to be sold later
    • The farmer makes the "Sell" price listed in the Store
  • "Hired Hand Harvest - Store" - Hire someone to harvest and add to your Storage to be sold later
    • The farmer makes 20% more than the "Sell" price listed in the Store
    • The Hired Hand makes 25% of the product value and 10% of the product, courtesy of the Mayor
  • "Facility" - The Facility at which the harvest is needed

This Table is sortable, but it seems to be a little buggy. You may need to click on the arrow a second time in order to properly sort all of the items in a column. Prior to sorting, the Seeds are listed in order of the growth time, which is then further sorted (in ascending order) by profit per a day using the "Hired Hands Harvest - Store" option.

Seed Level Cost Days Sell For Profit Profit /Day (Profit-Plow) /Day Sell For Profit Profit /Day (Profit-Plow) /Day Sell For Profit Profit /Day (Profit-Plow) /Day Facility
Self Harvest - Sell Self Harvest - Store Hired Hand Harvest - Store
Raspberry Raspberry Seed11150.1422727*7*473232*12*564141*21*Dairy Processing Plant
Beets Beets Seed18400.2703030*10*783838*18*945454*34*
Artichoke Artichoke Seed24500.2813131*11*904040*20*1085858*38*
Celery Celery Seed37450.2783333*13*874242*22*1045959*39*Snack Factory
Purple Grapes Grape Seed1200.2503030*10*563636*16*674747*27*Juice Factory, Food Preserve Factory, Winery
Squash Squash Seed14250.4623737*17*694444*24*835858*38*
Basil Basil Seed23500.4883838*18*984848*28*1186868*48*
Lettuce Lettuce Seed28600.41004040*20*1115151*31*1337373*53*Sandwich Restaurant, Taco Restaurant
Grape Tomato Grape Tomato Seed38400.4854545*25*945454*34*1137373*53*Snack Factory
Asparagus Asparagus Seed1300.6693939*19*774747*27*926262*42*
Sugarcane Sugarcane Seed20600.61004040*20*1115151*31*1337373*53*Sugar Refinery
Soybean Soybean Seed21700.61134343*23*1255555*35*1508080*60*
Peanut Peanut Seed34450.6934848*28*1035858*38*1247979*59*Snack Factory
Strawberry Strawberry Seeds43017747472785555535102725752Dairy Processing Plant, Ice Cream Factory, Food Preserve Factory, Confectionery Factory
Watermelon Watermelon Seed133518348482892575737110756055
Potato Potato Seed14018949492999595939119796459Snack Factory
Cabbage Cabbage Seed1645196515131107626242128836863
Mushroom Mushroom Seed940193535333103636343124846964Pizza Restaurant
Eggplant Eggplant Seed31501105555535117676747140909070
Sage Sage Seed33551114595939127727252152978277
Mint Mint Seed396011226262421367676561631038883Confectionery Factory
Green Grapes Green Grapes Seed4265113166664614681816117511011090Winery
Tea Tea Seedx701xxxx156868666xxxx
Tomato Tomato Seed15021267638281409045351681185249Pizza Restaurant, Juice Factory, Sandwich Restaurant, Food Preserve Factory, Taco Restaurant
Wheat Wheat Seed680216282413118010050402161366158Red Windmill, Stone Windmill
Bellpepper Bellpepper Seed1285217085433318910452422271426361
Rice Rice Seed180217191463619011055452281486764
Peas Pea Seed1990218292463620211256462421526966
Carrot Carrot Seed26225230984423234311859494121878683Snack Factory
Pepper Pepper Seed27250234090453537812864544542049492Taco Restaurant
Blackberry Blackberry Seed351002216116584824014070602881888784Food Preserve Factory
Garlic Garlic Seed411502269119605029914975653592099794
Coffee Coffee Seed101503268118393329814849433582086963
Corn Corn Seed11303257127423628515552453422127164Watermill
Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Seed151603288128433632016053473842247568
Sunflower Sunflower Seed81153249134453827716254473322177266
Onions Onion Seed221703304134453833816856494062367972Pizza Restaurant, Sandwich Restaurant
Blueberry Blueberry Seed302753425150504347219766595662919790Dairy Processing Plant, Ink and Pigments Factory, Frozen Food Factory, Ice Cream Shop
Pineapple Pineapple Seed2930034611615447512212716461431410598Pizza Restaurant, Juice Factory, Ice Cream Factory, Food Preserve Factory
Rosemary Rosemary Seed3620033881886356431231777051731710199
Ginger Ginger Seed40225342620167604732488376568343102100
Cucumber Cucumber Seed71204257137342928616642373432235651Food Preserve Factory
Cotton Cotton Seed171804324144363136018045404322525958Textile Mill
Pumpkin Pumpkin Seed252004356156393439619649444752756564
Broccoli Broccoli Seed321504330180454036721754494402906968Snack Factory
  • Values denoted by "*" are crops that take less than 1 Day to grow, so "Profit/Day" is actually "Profit/Planting"
  • The grow day in Farm Town is 20 hours, so crops that take 12 hours to grow are listed as 0.6 Days.
  • All values for plowing are based on self-plowing. If hire others to plow, then profit will be greater.
  • Grape was renamed to Purple Grapes on June 7, 2010 when Green Grapes were added.

New Seed Additions Edit