On October 20, 2009, Tools were released. Tools are functional Items that you can use on your farm to speed up harvesting crops, plowing plots, and planting seeds. You can also use them to produce goods or transport them to your farm. Here is a list of all Tools currently available for purchase from the Store under the Tools tab.

The ToolsEdit

Tools that are purchased with FarmCash can be purchased at any Level. A list of all the products produced or transported is listed on the appropriate Tool page.

Facility Level Cost* XP Gain Use
Small Harvester 10 Farm Coin 15,000 153 Harvest 2x faster
Small Seeder 11 Farm Coin 20,000 203 Plant 2x faster
Big Harvester 16 Farm Coin 30,000 302 Harvest 4x faster
Big Seeder 17 Farm Coin 40,000 402 Plant 4x faster
Plowing Tractor - Solar Powered 18 Farm Coin 60,000 601 Plow 4x faster
Semi-Trailer Truck NA Farm Cash 22 661 Transport Products
Oil Pump 21 Farm Coin 100,000 1,000 Produces Crude Oil

  • Farm Coin is Farm Coin which you earn by growing and selling crops or manufacturing items for sale in your factories.
  • Farm Cash is FarmCash which you either earn by completing sponsor offers or you may purchase from Farm Town with real money.